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Reading for pleasure from a young age is vital to cognitive development — it’s a more powerful factor in life achievement than socio-economic background.

The sole aim of Acorn Book Club is to get high quality books into the hands of children who can benefit from them the most. We take books and money donated by the public, combined with funds from selected CSR partners, and turn these into tangible projects within local schools that make a real difference. See our full story here.

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how can you get involved

Whether we have an active campaign or not, we are always collecting good quality books ready to be distributed to a school or community project in need.

If you’d like to get involved, there are a number ways you can do so...

“Such an amazing charity and a great gift for any family”

Dana De Estre

Water Babies

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“Acorn Book Club are fantastic collaborators who really get how finding the right book can change a child's life. They were truly committed to working with us to create a beautiful library that is just right for our children.”

Lydia Baldwin

English Support Teacher, Lyndhurst Primary School

“What a fantastic collection of books, brilliant! Thank you SO much again for all you've done for our library.”

Rosemary Naylor

Reading Leader, Morden Mount

“The children and staff of Holbeach are delighted, and so grateful to Acorn Book Club – their support has been invaluable."

Karen Robertson

Assistant Head Teacher, Holbeach Primary School

“Working with Acorn Book Club has been absolutely brilliant. Rather than just giving us money, Acorn Book Club really worked closely with our school to involve us in the process, so we could really take pride in the end result.”

Maureen Bennett

Deputy Head Teacher, Lyndhurst Primary School

“This is exactly the kind of investment that we need more of. The help that it will give young people should not be underestimated."

Damien Egan

The Mayor of Lewisham

latest case studies

Water Babies

ABC recently donated over 700 books to Water Babies the baby swimming company as well done for their fundraising.

South East London

Taste Coffee Shop

We now have a fully ABC branded book case in Taste Coffee Eltham, filled with activity books perfect for a coffee shop attended by local families.

Eltham SE9

Lyndhurst Primary School

Acorn Book Club’s latest project at Lyndhurst School in Camberwell is it’s most ambitious and exciting yet.

Camberwell SE5

View all of our latest case studies here.
The Acorn Book Club is a UK Registered Charity (1184137) run by The Acorn Group. Financial Donations are tax exempt and gift aid can be claimed.
Ever wondered what happens to the books donated to Acorn Book Club? See The Lifecycle of an ABC Book