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How can you support us

Whether you’re an individual or a business, we need your support! From donations of new and pre-loved books, to financial support and lots more, find out more here.

how can your business support us?
The Acorn Book Club thrives primarily on donations of pre-loved children’s books, however, financial contributions help us to undertake more comprehensive projects. Whether your business has an epic social media following or you want to become more active within your local community, there are a multitude of ways you can help us as an ABC corporate partner…
Book Drive
Ask your employees to bring in suitable books for us. You can drop them all off at one of our 40 drop off points, or if you prefer we can arrange a collection from you if the volume makes that impractical. We’ll photograph them and feature your business on our social media.
Spread the Word
This can be as simple as putting one of our posters in your shop window, or retweeting/reposting our posts on social media. Help us spread the word!
Through our partnership with GiveAsYouLive, you or your employees can easily setup a fundraising page. Whether you’re running a marathon, or giving up a bad habit, doing it for a good cause helps motivate you, and also those supporting you.
Pay Roll Giving
Set up payroll giving so that a small amount is automatically donated via staff salaries every month. All the details can be found here.
Become a Drop-off Point
We always need more drop off points! All you need to do is take delivery of any books dropped off, and notify us to collect them. We’ll provide you with a poster for your window and any supporting material you need!
Financial Donation
Any financial donations are always gratefully received, no matter how big or small. More information about how your money is allocated is available here.
how can you support us?
For individuals or small groups, why not setup a fundraising page through our partnership with GiveAsYouLive? For example, you could run a marathon or give up a bad habit; doing it for a good cause helps motivate you and those supporting you.
Here's a few ideas...
Book Drive
Many of us need a coffee to get us going first thing, so why not make a morning of it?
Afternoon Tea
Hosting an afternoon tea event with friends is a great way to help raise funds. Whether it’s at home, at work, or at a local venue, tea, cake, and tiny sandwiches is a British staple. Obviously with cream first, then jam...
Give it Up
Whether you’re giving up smoking, on a chocolate ban, or sweating off that mid-morning pastry, why not donate the money you save to help support Acorn Book Club?
Marathon Events
A marathon doesn’t have to mean running - it could be anything that takes 26 miles (or perhaps 24 hours). A sponsored bike ride? Or a walk? What about a readathon?
Quiz Nights
Here’s an easy way to keep it book related - how about a quiz entirely themed around books? Or even children’s books? “What was the name of the owl in Winnie the Pooh?” - “Trick question, it was ‘Owl’!”
Financial Donation
You may not have any children’s books to spare, so why not gather your unwanted items at home to sell online or at your local boot fair, and donate the proceeds to our cause?